Gestpay Guaranteed Payment

Gestpay Guaranteed Payment is an end-to-end fraud prevention solution for online merchants.

You can have some or all of your transactions to be validated by Gestpay Guaranteed Payment. Gestpay Guaranteed Payment uses a smart artificial intelligence engine to determine if a transaction is fraudolent.

In case of fraud, and if Gestpay Guaranteed Payment evaluated the transaction as legitimate, the merchant will get full refund.

Gestpay Guaranteed Payment solution is available to Enterprise customers.
To activate Gestpay Guaranteed Payment, contact our support.

When accepting to enter Gestpay Guaranteed Payment protection program, a merchant can choose between two operational modes:

Based on this informations, Gestpay Guaranteed Payment returns a risk response (ACCEPTED, DECLINED, UnderReview).

Transaction performed with Gestpay Guaranteed Payment check will be marked in the Active Report of Back Office Merchant with a green or a red flag.

transaction marked as ACCEPTED
some transactions can take more time to be evaluated; during this period they are marked as UnderReview
transaction marked as DECLINED

The merchant can decide the transaction behaviour based on the response, but it is not mandatory to follow the review result. It is possible, for example, to settle a transaction with a DECLINED result.

The response from Gestpay Guaranteed Payment can take some time (in the order of minutes). During this period the transaction is marked as UnderReview.

How to implement Gestpay Guaranteed Payment in your website

Gestpay Guaranteed Payment requires you to:

  1. Install their user tracking snippet, called Store Front Beacon. This can be installed on a website or in a mobile app.
  2. Send the session_id collected by the script to Gestpay, via the relevant webservices.

Install the Store Front Beacon

On a web page

The Gestpay Guaranteed Payment store front beacon is a snippet of code embedded in the pages of your webstore. It is important that the code is added into the header or footer of your website so data is collected from every page. It loads asynchronously and does not affect page load time.

Implementation steps:

  1. Copy the JavaScript snippet that you can find in the docs - Store Front Beacon and replace the highlighted variables with:
    • Your store domain
    • Session ID - the unique identifier created when a user arrives at your website. The session ID must be created at the start of the user’s visit to your store, and not just when the shopping cart is created.
      Note: This session ID should be also passed to Gestpay in the BeaconSessionID field in the OrderDetails tag.
  2. Paste the modified beacon JavaScript snippet into the HTML of your website.

A note about Single Page Applications (SPA)

The Store Front Beacon supports sites whose content is loaded dynamically without traditional full page loads. To track dynamically loaded content as distinct pageviews you can send a pageview hit to Gestpay Guaranteed Checkout’s Beacon and specify the page name as a String type parameter.


In a Mobile App

In Mobile SDKs for Native Apps you can get all the details for Apple and Android platforms.

Sending transaction data to Gestpay

Once your website is Gestpay Guaranteed Payment enabled, you have to send all the transaction info you have. The more you send, the best accurate answer you get from Gestpay Guaranteed Payment.

Detailed info about how to send data to Gestpay Guaranteed Payment is at:

Testing Gestpay Guaranteed Payment

In OrderDetails > CustomerDetail > PrimaryEmail use:



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