Qiwi is a popular payment method in Russia. It is an e-wallet that can be recharged via self-service terminals. Qiwi payments are accepted not only online, but also in physical russian stores. If you want to offer your services to Russian customers, Qiwi is a valid option.

Qiwi is available for Professional accounts.

The maximum payable amount by a customer, for Qiwi, is:

Currency Amount EUR Amount
RUB 60000 1000

How does it work for the user?

Once the user selects Qiwi, he is redirected to a webpage where he must enter his mobile telephone number, or the account number, and his password.

The buyer will then receive a passcode via SMS. If the authentication is correct, he will be redirected to the confirmation page and back to the merchant site.

How do I enable and use Qiwi on Gestpay?

Contact Gestpay customer support to create an account on Qiwi and link to your Gestpay account. Usually this process requires 4/5 business days.

If you want to use the paymentType tag for this method, the value to use is S2PQIW. See the section How to redirect the customer to a payment method to learn how to use the paymentType tag.

An example call is available in the API: Qiwi Example call.

Credential for Test Environment

You can ask our customer support to enable Qiwi in test environments. Once activated, use the following parameters in order to test Qiwi in test environment.

You can use the following data to fill Qiwi payment page or to send them directly via WsCryptEncrpt, in order to have a successful test payment:

Login (phone number) +78000008515
Password Qazxsw211!
Checkout SMS Code: 582785

Remember to use an amount greater than 5 RUB.

After the test, delete or cancel the transaction in Gestpay to use again this amount from the Qiwi Wallet.