Consel "Rate in Rete"

What is Consel?

Consel is an italian system that allows the buyer to split a payment in many installments. It is useful to pay expensive goods or services. It is used in Italy.

How does it work for the user?

Consel lets the buyer choose between two different payment methods, Linea Revolving and Prestito Finalizzato.

The credit line is requested directly by the buyer, using the Consel web form.

If the buyer has an open credit line with Consel, Linea Revolving solution, the buyer uses this active credit line, so the transaction response is immediate, like using a Credit Card.

If the buyer doesn’t have an open credit line, he can perform the payment using Prestito Finalizzato that proceeds with a money request using the web interface. For this payment solution Consel takes some days to return a response. So in GestPay the transaction will be displayed as Pending until Consel responses with OK ok KO for the credit line request.

GestPay will show the Consel option along the available payment methods in the payment page.

If the buyer choses Consel, GestPay will redirect him to the Consel web site where he can login or register to the reserved area.

GestPay exposes all the fields that Consel needs to perform a payment authorization.

How can I offer Consel to my customers?

The merchant has to subscribe to Consel directly. Then, you have to contact Gestpay customer support and ask to link your Consel account with Gestpay.

In order to receive Consel “Rate in Rete” payments the merchant must:

If any of the requirements above are satisfied and the page is displayed in Italian, Rate in Rete payment method will show in the checkout page.

In order to give to the buyer a better experience during the form filling, the merchant can send additional information through the Consel_CustomerInfo tags.

Consel “Rate in Rete” example

Here it is an example with the filled values:

  <Address>Via Torino</Address>