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The Lightbox checkout is a simple popup that appears over your Ecommerce shopping cart, once your customer has clicked the checkout button.The user experience of this solution is much appreciated worldwide thanks to its usability, at the same time this choice lacks of customization.

Once you’ve integrated the lightbox checkout, your customer will see a the pupop shown in the image below.

You’ll be able to decide, in every moment, which payment methods should be shown (such as: Credit Card, Paypal, Alipay, etc) choosing from the ones you’ve activated.

In case of a call from mobile device, the lightbox will redirect on a new page.

How to integrate the Lightbox solution

f you don’t need to customize the payment process, Axerve Ecommerce Solutions lightbox is the best and fastest way to accept payments. It is responsive, meaning that it will work on every screen (mobile, desktop…) without hassles and it is very easy to integrate, too.First, import the js script in your payment page:

Then you must initilizate the shopLogin and use the PaymentToken and the PaymentID received at the preceeding step (payment/create) and, in javascript, call: = shopLogin;, paymentToken);

The lightbox page will show up, asking the customer for credit card information. For the sandbox environment, use one of our test credit cards.

When the payment is completed, the lightbox redirects you to the endpoint set in the backoffice.

It’s possible to overwrite the redirect functionality by passing a callback to the lightbox., paymentToken, callback);

When the payment is completed, the callback function is called. It receives a response object as argument:

function callback(response) {
/* example response:  
  error: { 
    code: null,
    description: null
  paymentId: "1100274624", 
  responseURL: " http://<your-server>/?a=GESPAY65987&Status=OK&paymentID=1100274624",
  status: "OK"

As you can see, the payment has been successfully processed, but what is the responseURL?

Once a payment is accepted or rejected, you can redirect your user to a new page. By setting up this configuration in the Merchant Back-Office Axerve Ecommerce Solutions will provide you with a link containing four parameters:

That’s it!