CVV field handling

In this document we define CVV the 3- or 4-figure number printed on the back of the credit card. It is called in different names according to card issuing company (CVV2 for Visa, 4DBC for American Express, CVC2 for Mastercard).

In all cases it is a number used to increase the security of payments, as it reduces the chance of the credit card being used by someone who is not in possession of it.

In order to carry out transactions while also sending the CVV field, you should configure the CVV field as a PARAMETER in the Fields & Parameters section of the Back Office environment (BackOffice -> PaymentPage -> Fields &Parameters), with regard to the public page.

Once the list of fields that make up the page has been displayed, simply click on the name of the field (Cvv) to access the detail window of the field itself.

Here simply activate the Parameter check box and confirm the change.

For pages created before 2005, the CVV field may not be present.

In this case it is necessary to contact the technical support centre to obtain the creation of a new page, identical to the previous one, with the addition of the CVV field.

At this point it is possible to configure the field as a PARAMETER.

the page must always be published to make the changes effective.