Authorization Request

This is simply the payment operation. It consists in sending all of the information required to make a payment transaction to the bank’s server. It also consists in retrieving the transaction result after it has been processed by the bank.

The specific WSs2s method to use for this purpose is CallPagamS2S.

However, before using this method, it is necessary to assign a value to all the required information, for the passage of the parameters:

The following features may optionally be assigned, upon appropriate configuration of the Client configuration | Fields & Parameters section:

The CallPagamS2S method sends GestPay all previously assigned data; GestPay checks the correspondence between data received and the configuration set within the Back Office environment, and, if these match, it will operate.

If the M.O.T.O. configuration anticipates a separation between the authorisation and the settlement phase, the activity of GestPay will be limited to the authorisation request only. Checkout the Settlements page to understand how it works.

If, conversely, the M.O.T.O. configuration anticipates that the authorisation and the settlement phase will occur simultaneously, then GestPay will make the authorisation request and, if the response is positive, subsequently perform the settlement operation.

After the CallPagamS2S method is performed, it is possible to know the outcome of the transaction by using the returned XML file:

<GestPayS2S xmlns="">
  <ErrorDescription>Transazione correttamente effettuata</ErrorDescription>

First, check TransactionResult which will return a string OK if the transaction was authorised or a string KO if the transaction was not authorised.

If TransactionResult returns KO, by using the ErrorCode value it is then possible to know whether the failure is caused by technical problems or by a denied authorisation by the credit card network:

If TransactionResult returns OK, the transaction was authorised (and, if the M.O.T.O. was simultaneous, settled as well). It will be then possible to obtain further information about the transaction, using the following values:

All the other returned values can be used as usual.